Simply put, we love telling stories. 

In a world where personal connections are so easily lost, we strive to create meaningful, and beautifully crafted stories. 

Below is a smattering of projects we’ve be fortunate enough to produce. 

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Conquered: a story of survival

Jimmy White is a fighter.

This micro documentary shares his story about fighting stage 4 cancer, and how a shocking previous diagnosis is helping him overcome it all.

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Eternal Flower

In this artist profile, we hear from world renowned artists Al Longo, and Chiyomi Taneki Longo. Here, they discuss their process, drive, and their quest to achieve their Eternal Flower.

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A ten23 Halloween

Marketing should be fun and eye catching! 

For this promo video, a very special ten23 Productions client talks about how custom video marketing on her website and social media has helped her business. 

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Strong Coffey

Melissa is a survivor of the 2017 California wild fires. This is her story about the night of the fires in Coffey Park, Santa Rosa, CA.

All stats included in this video were accurate at the time of filming, however, these numbers have since increased. 

As an experiment, we shot this video entirely on mobile devices.